What is a logistics broker?

What is a logistics broker and why should it matter to you? Well first, let’s paint a picture.

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You just started a business and you’re working out of your basement or garage. Orders are piling up and you’re the one-person to do the job. That’s fantastic! But now you need to invest your energy into growing your business even more. There are so many hours in a day where you can fulfill the admin role, marketing role, sales role, legal role, and a shipping & receiving role. By the time you want to fulfill every task within each role, you may find that sidestepping or missing a few things might happen. That’s okay! However, do you think that this way of running a business is sustainable long term? Probably not. You’ll burn out very quickly.

So, here’s why we think you would benefit from hiring a 3PL (third party logistics) broker.

1. A broker acts as a liaison between any shipping requirement and transportation carrier.

When you add a middle man in between the supplier, provider, and receiver, your business can increase productivity, efficiency, and deliverables with ease and a peace of mind. It takes time finding the right courier that is affordable, sustainable, and reliable. So, when you work with a 3PL specialist, you can redirect that research energy into growing your sales. This is a huge ROI because at the end of each order, you’re paying off your shipping + more.

2. The right specialist knows the margins, market, lingo, and gritty details.

Would you buy a house without a realtor? You could, but you probably shouldn’t. The right realtor knows the market, the lingo, and the right avenues to check off the list of things you want for your home. The same principle applies to shipping and logistics and supply management solutions. Ultimately, you’re a business owner and you specialized in a service and product that you know will sell. You are the expert in your product. There are specialized 3PL brokers that also have an advantage in the industry and more often than not, trusting a 3PL broker with doing the backend of your shipping has more pros than cons. Trust the process and you’ll be happy with the benefits.

3. You have an ideal client avatar and you want to ship to them. Time to utilize your resources to get there!

3PL brokers have a strong relationship with couriers and logistic companies where over the years they have expanded their network, lane coverages, and methods of delivering that are quick, efficient, and will not cost a whole arm and leg! That’s why we encourage new businesses (whether big or small) to seek out information from a reliable 3PL brokerage and see if the ideal clients that you envision can be attainable to reach.


In a saturated market, people are easily overwhelmed with overflow of information, branding, and various companies with the same product. Now, we play a huge emphasis on client relations, building trust, and maintaining a healthy reputation.

We encourage businesses to call and ask us questions because you never know what opportunities are behind the door that you should take the chance on!

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